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Spells for Reiki and Healing

Many healers can now amplify their power when performing Reiki, Aromatherapy or healing. This ritual must be performed before each healing session takes place. It might be a good idea to have a small, discrete altar set up somewhere in your treatment room, this way, you can simply light the candle and recite the spell before your client arrives. 

Items you will need to us.

Star Anise x 4 (to raise your vibration).

2 Bay Leaves (for protection - this will stop you picking up any of the illness you could be subject to.)

A small bottle of Cinnamon Oil (to increase the magic within).

1 large purple candle (the highest spirit colour)

A picture or ornament of a hare (lunar animal used to connect with magic).

A small bowl

Some white sage incense (to spiritually disinfect the room so that any negative energies from a client's illness or pain is eliminated.) 

Set up a small table somewhere in your home or treatment toom and place the candle in the center. Situate the hare picture or ornament to the right of it. Put the star anise and the bay leaves into the bowl and drizzle all of the cinnamon oil over the top, making sure each is covered with the oil. Place this to the left.

Light the candle and say this spell three times before your client arrives.

The magic I make is now essential, release my gifts, my full potential,

Lunar hare, release my power, bring light to me in this healing hour.

Let the candle burn for the duration of the treatment then blow it out.  When the client has left, burn the sage incense until it burns down. This will prepare the energies for next time.

BOOST YOUR SPELL: You can re-use the star anise, bay leaves and cinnamon oil for next time. Just leave the altar set up.  Refresh once a month.

A good thing to do is to memorise the spell above and when you are performing your healing, recite it over and over in your head. The power of the words, (even thought about, not spoken) will intensify the healing.