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A spell to make the right decision

The choices we make in life often determine how we live our lives and there are times when it is vital that we select the correct path.

For this spell, use Fluorite crystal. This stone is connected to the third eye chakra which will help you to see the way more clearly.  Sprinkle the crystal with Orris Root powder; this can be easily sourced on the internet and is good for divination. As you sprinkle it over the stone, envisage the powder charging it, then hold it in your hands and chant this spell three times.

This magical stone, charged with a spell, with your power, let me choose well,

Guide the way and do not hide, the path to take, help me decide.

When you have performed the spell, carry the charmed stone in your pocket or hold it in your hand whenever you have a free hour of peace and quiet. It’s important to read the signals that the universe sends to you. You might be given a sign that one direction is better than the other or you could simply have a gut feeling that tells you which road to take.