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Spells for Luck

There are lots of spells you can cast to change your luck so here are a few to try.  

Every spring I like to do this ritual as it shakes off the negative energy around me and changes it to positive.

On the first day of the full moon, go along to your local garden center and purchase a packet of sweet pea seeds (any colour) and a packet of Marjoram seeds. Both of these magically attract positivity and happiness to whoever plants them. Mix the seeds from both packets together in a plastic bag and place on a table with a white candle. Light the candle and repeat this incantation 12 times.

Plants of the earth, bring luck to me,

I'll scatter them far and wide to see,

Change my fortunes, bring me glee.

(After you have recited the spell 12 times, close the ritual by saying So Mote it be.

When the candle has burned down, take the seeds into the garden or to a remote park or woodland. Scatter them on to the ground until they are all gone. While you are doing this, say the spell above over and over quietly to yourself. Within a few days, nice things will start to happen again and all those daily niggles will disappear.