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To be more popular with the opposite sex

If you want to be liked more or you dream of being more popular with the opposite sex, why not try making my magical perfume. 

Fridays during Full Moon phases are always the best time to cast spells relating to relationships and love.

Purchase a small bottle of hand sanitiser from the supermarket and squeeze the contents into a small bowl. 

 Add 1 cup of water. 

 Next, add 10 drops of Chrysanthemum oil (for friendships, happiness and laughter) and 3 pink rose petals for love and compassion. 

With a cotton bud, mix together the petals and the liquid and then place to one side. 

 Take a pink candle (for love) and light it. Stare into the flame for about 10 minutes and imagine yourself surrounded by people who think you are wonderful. When the candle has burned down for about an hour, blow it out and discard the rose petals from the bowl. With a small funnel, pour the liquid into a plastic spray bottle and shake well. Every time you go out, spray your clothes with the magical perfume. (2 squirts is fine.) You’ll be a magnet to the opposite sex and make some new friends in no time. 


To stop an unwanted crush

If you find yourself constantly thinking about someone and you know that it's pointless because they are either married, attached or you know that the person is no good for you, this spell will suppress those feelings you carry and help you to move on.

Items you will need to use.

A clean empty jam jar.

A small piece of paper.

A small piece of lead from a pencil (to create a barrier.)

A white or silver candle

With the pencil, write down the name of the person you are crushing over, followed by your name and the words ‘To stop my crush.’ 

Place it inside the jam jar. 

Dissect the pencil, removing a small piece of the lead and place the lead inside the jar. 

For the moment, leave the lid off the jar and light the candle. Say this spell 7 times.

Alas, this love cannot be, from now on I will be free.’ 

Close the spell by saying ‘So Mote it Be.’ Screw the lid back on the jar and take it somewhere that recycles glass. If you live in the UK, put it in your recycling box that gets collected 2 weekly or take it along to your local recycling center. By removing the jar altogether from your life, you will lift the crush.