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Spells for Homes and Houses

Home is where the heart is and so here is a selection of spells for everything relating to houses.

To Bless a House

We all like to keep our homes clean, vacuuming and wiping down surfaces on a regular basis but what many people don't realise, is that energies linger in the air and cling to objects just like dust to a rug. Every person gives off an energy whether we are happy, tired, unhappy, sick or angry, and so it is vital that we not only clean up our physical mess but we disinfect our spiritual space.  

This spell will clear out negative vibes and leave your home as clean as a whistle.

Items you will need to use:

7 different coloured tapered, candles - Pink, yellow, white, green, lavender,  red and blue

7 satin ribbons (in the same corresponding colours as the candles) 

7 candle holders

A sharp knife

An eggcup of vegetable oil

On the morning of a new moon phase, give your home a good spring clean, making sure you empty the garbage out of the house when you have finished.

Once the house is spick and span, set up a small table, somewhere near a window.

Take each of the candles and run each of them under cold water to cleanse them. Whilst the water is bathing each one, say these words.

'Cleansed and blessed are thee, now to perform your service for me'

Once all the candles are blessed, dry them off with some paper towel and take a sharp knife and inscribe the words below into each candle.


Next, you have to anoint your candles.  Take each candle in your left hand, dip your forefinger into the vegetable oil and run your finger down the length of the candle.  With each anointing, say the words below.

'I bless and anoint you.'

Place each candle in a holder, making sure it is secure and tie the corresponding coloured ribbon around the base of the candle holder. 

Situate all 7 candles on the table and light them. Say this spell 7 times.

Happy vibes will settle here,

Cast away any negative vibes,

Past energies now all disappear,

This space is cleansed, the air is clear.

When you have said the spell 7 times, close the ritual by saying the words 'So Mote it Be.'

Leave the candles to burn for 2 hours, then blow them out. Relight them each day or night for 2 hours until they have burned down completely.

I cast this spell every three months but if there has been illness, such as colds or flu, arguments or quarrels or any kind of unhappiness at all, repeat the spell above straight away. 


Sweep away Negativity

You will need a broomstick or sweeping brush. (You don't need an old-fashioned one, a general broom will work just fine!)

Whenever you use a sweeping brush in the home recite this short incantation over and over until you have finished.

I sweep you out, I cast away

All the vibes from here today

Always make sure you remove any dust or debris from the house as soon as you have finished.  Tie it up in a bin liner and take it outside of the house.