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Spells for Families

For most of us, families play an enormous part in our everyday lives and often, we need a little bit of magical help to ensure things always run smoothly. 

To Stop arguments within the family.

Basil, either freshly grown or dried is a powerful herb to ward off arguments and upsets between lovers, children or family members.  

Set up a small work area, place a white candle in a holder and light it. Scatter either fresh or dried basil around the base of the candle and say this spell 7 times.

'Remove the tension, arguments cease,

Peace will now forever last,

Every month ahead will be

Filled with positivity.'

When you have said this spell 7 times, close it by saying the words, ‘So mote it be.’

Let the candle burn down on its own.

Things should start to settle down soon.