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Spells for Easter

Although Easter is considered to be a Christian celebration for Wiccans, this is one of our ancient Sabbats called Ostara. 

New birth in all things springs to life at this time and so we make a special effort to get our lives in order so that we can enjoy the rest of the year without complications. The following spells are best cast on Easter Sunday. 

Balance the energies around you at Easter

Cast a spell to balance and neutralize all of the energies around you this Easter. This will remove any blocks that might be clinging to you and helps you to become more organised in what you do on a daily basis. 

You can shake off bad luck, cleanse our aura and leave yourself in a positive and motivated frame of mind. 

Items you will need to use

Purchase a small pot of red tulips (for spiritual awareness.) 

A small piece of Citrine crystal.

1 Yellow Candle (for good health.)

Set up a small table and place the tulips, crystal and candle on the surface. Light a yellow candle to represent good health and well being and say this spell 3 times while the candle is burning.

This Ostara, I cleanse my space,

Removing blocks from every place,

Sound of heart and pure of mind

An easy road ahead I’ll find.

When you have spoken the spell 3 times, close the ritual by saying So Mote it Be.

Allow the candle burn down. 

Insert the piece of citrine crystal into the soil in your garden. If you don't have a garden, use a small plant pot filled with earth and put it outside of your property. The citrine removes all blocks and negative energy. 

Place the tulips on the kitchen windowsill until they have died back. Once this has happened, replant the bulbs in the garden/pot or a nearby wood. 

BOOST THE SPELL: Do not remove the citrine crystal as this will stop the magic from working.


Ward off the chocolate temptation

Need to say no to all the yummy chocolate temptations around at this time? 

Take an easter egg and crush it with a pestle and mortar. Transfer it to a small bowl and mix in 3 teaspoons of dried lavender flowers for cleansing and strength of mind. As you mix the chocolate and lavender together say these words over and over while you are stirring.

 “My self-control is firm, self-constraint I shall learn.” 

Go outside and scatter the chocolate lavender all over the ground. You’ll easily be able to pass off those temptations now. 


Beat the blues with this feel-good pouch

Just because it’s spring, it doesn’t mean that we all have a spring in our step! I get lots of letters from people who feel depressed or suffer on a daily basis with worries and anxiety. The  Spring Equinox is a great time to dust off the darkness and leave your regrets and worries behind. 

Mix together 1 heaped tablespoon of ginseng powder, 2 teaspoons of dried basil and 4 sage leaves. Transport these to a small drawstring pouch. 

(All of these ingredients blended together combat depression). 

Next, steep a ginseng tea bag in a mug of boiling water and light a white candle. Focus on the flame and for about 3 mins imagine you are extremely happy and contented.  Remove the tea bag and sip the tea while the candle is still burning. When the candle has blown out, take the pouch and pop it under your bed. Your spirits will lift within a few days and any worries you have will leave you.