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Spells for Self-confidence and Empowerment

Whatever situation you are faced with, sometimes you might just need a confidence boost to tackle difficult situations. These quick and easy spells will do just that and also give you a sense of empowerment. 

Items you will need to use

A small piece of Sunstone crystal 

1 stick of liquorice root

A yellow or white candle.

A good length of white ribbon

It doesn't really matter which moon phase you cast this spell on because it will work just the same.  Set up a small altar somewhere in your home and place the sunstone crystal next to the lit candle. Take the liquorice root and wrap the ribbon around the base leaving a long length at each side. Wind the ribbon, left and right, around and around until it covers the whole object. Fasten it with a knot at the top. Place this on the altar in front of the candle.

Speak this spell 12 times.  When you have said it, end the ritual by closing with, So Mote it Be.

I bind this root with pure white light,

To represent my vigour and fight,

Using inner force and all my might.

Let the candle burn down. Leave the root on the windowsill in your home and carry the sunstone on your person when you go out.