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To help a child who is moving schools

Children often get stressed out when they are moving or starting a new school. This spell will give them the confidence to enjoy the transition.

Items you need to use

A yellow or gold candle (to represent Angel Paige ~ the custodian of children)

A picture of the school (printed out from the internet.)

A piece of rose quartz (to prevent worrying)

A small table and white tablecloth

On a Waxing moon phase, set up a small table, adorned with a white cloth. 

Place the crystal and photo on to the surface and then put the candle in the center, then light it.

Write the spell below on to a piece of paper and read it out loud 3 times.

With this crystal, remove his/her fear,

With this candle, settle here,

Smooth transition, this I know,

Let his/her confidence bloom and grow.

(When you have recited the spell 3 times, close the ritual by saying So Mote it Be

Let the candle burn down and explain to him/her that a special angel will now be with him/her every step of the way. 

On the morning of their first day at the new school, get your child to put the crystal in the bottom of the school bag and it should all go well.


To stop a baby constantly crying

There is nothing worse than a distressed child. My eldest son screamed night and day and it made everyone in the household tired and miserable.

26 years ago, I devised this spell to help my son settle and stop his constant crying. It worked!  

There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s spell so give it a try.

Items you will need to use.

A baby mobile to hang over the crib (any shop bought ones will suffice).

Some string.

Paper and pen.

A piece of amber (to restore her natural balance).

Some meditation music.

A white candle.

Write your baby's name and the words 'to be calm and settled' on to a piece of paper and thread the string through it and attach to the mobile. Place the mobile on a table next to the piece of amber and light it. 

Next, play the meditative music while the candle burns. When the flame has burned for about an hour say these words 7 times.

Little one, your mood is sweet,

Calm and peaceful you shall be,

Gently will you drift to sleep,

No more tears for you or me.

Let the candle burn down and when it has, hang the mobile over her crib and place the amber stone somewhere in the child's bedroom (out of reach). Every time your baby starts to fuss, play the music. Make sure you play it as you lay him/her down for bed at night too. You should see a difference straight away. 


Child Protection Spell

We all want to protect our children whether it be making sure they are safe when they are at school, safe when crossing the roads and especially from predators or unsavoury people. This spell is versatile and shields your child (whatever age) from anything negative. 

Items you will need to use

I tablespoon of dried Angelica Root. (Can be purchased cheaply from eBay.)

A white candle (pillar candles are good for this spell) or a scented lavender candle.

A photograph of your child

A lock of your child's hair

A small drawstring pouch

The moon phase really doesn't matter with this spell but if you want to give it the best chance, cast it on either a full or a new moon phase.

Set up a small altar and place your child's photograph in the centre. Take the lock of hair and situate this directly in front of the photo.

Put the candle on the top of the photograph and light it.

Angelica root summons the angels and has powerful protection properties. Sprinkle the angelica around the photo, candle and hair, forming a circle. 

Make sure you are not going to be disturbed and recite this spell.

[Say this once]

Angel Paige, custodian of children,

Please hear my plea this day.

Shine down your powerful rays

And blend your magic with mine

So Mote it Be

[Recite this spell 12 times]

Bring power to this magical charm,

Let nothing appear to hinder or harm,

Safely he/she stays in the arms of your love

The highest protection I seek from above.

When you have said the spell 12 times, close with the words 'So Mote it Be.'

Let the candle burn for about an hour, then blow it out. Gather up the Angelica root, the photograph and the lock of hair and place it inside the drawstring bag. Hang this charm on the inside of your child's wardrobe and leave it there. Keep the candle somewhere safe and if they ever go away or are outside of your care for any length of time, relight the candle.  There is no need to say the spell again. Each time you light the candle, the magic will top up.