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Leanna Greenaway

Welcome to our Online Shop

Leanna Greenaway's Hand-crafted Spell Kits

Each of my kits are personally created by myself, with herbs grown in my vast herb garden here in the Southwest of England. Once they are ready, they are picked and dried, before being carefully blended. They take many hours to put together, with candles all being pre-blessed and crystal chips bathed under the Moon's rays. Each kit comes with a specifically blended anointing oil for the task at hand.  My home grown herbs are infused in a base oil and have a blessing before being packaged. 

You don't need to possess any special abilities in order to cast a spell, anyone can do it!  No need to worry about whether you have the correct balance of herbs either in your spells, as these kits are ready to go. Simply follow the instructions and you should get a good result. 

Do keep coming back, as I intend to sell a wide range of kits eventually.

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