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Leanna Greenaway

A  Moment of Joy!

Many years ago, my husband and I were watching TV and sharing a bottle of wine, when to our surprise there was a wild fox staring at us from the entrance of the conservatory, which led into our lounge. The back door was open and she had obviously come from the hectares of fields behind our house. We both sat transfixed, as she started to approach me.  Her little eagle eye spotted a bag of crisps in my hand and without a care in the world, she sauntered over and put both paws on my lap, as if asking for one.

Tentatively I held one out to her and she snapped greedily at my fingers. I told her in a firm voice to take it gently and with the next bite, she did. 

 And so, a pattern was set and we had the pleasure of her visits every day for three long months.

My husband taught her to play with a ping pong ball on a stick and she watched television each night in fascination. She was a sweet creature, which I can only describe as being sort of half dog, half cat. She was beautiful, sensitive and intelligent.

We framed one of her pictures and placed it on the mantelpiece. One morning I came into the lounge and the photo was face down and smashed on the hearth. I knew it was a bad omen and that perhaps she had been killed and sadly, we never saw her after that day.