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Leanna Greenaway

Books By Beleta Greenaway


What Palmistry Reveals about your Personality and Destiny

Out of Your Hands usually sits in the top 20 books on Amazon and is a fascinating read that gives an overall manual for interpreting all parts of the hand, in an easy to understand format. Focusing solely on Eastern and Western Palmistry, Beleta gives common sense translations, on character qualities and relationship prospects and additionally talks about the markings on the palm that brings about a deeper spiritual knowledge.

By understanding the lines on the hands, you will pick up information into the character of individuals and the path they might be destined to follow.

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This inspiring book will take you on a wonderful journey, introducing you to the traditional and spiritual beliefs that surround angels today. It also covers her new and modern approach to angels, giving the reader tips and techniques on how to contact their very own personal angel, how to create an angelic altar and endless angelic prayers to assist you through your life.

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