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Leanna Greenaway

Books By Beleta Greenaway


What Palmistry Reveals about your Personality and Destiny

Out of Your Hands usually sits in the top 20 books on Amazon and is a fascinating read that gives an overall manual for interpreting all parts of the hand, in an easy to understand format. Focusing solely on Eastern and Western Palmistry, Beleta gives common sense translations, on character qualities and relationship prospects and additionally talks about the markings on the palm that brings about a deeper spiritual knowledge.

By understanding the lines on the hands, you will pick up information into the character of individuals and the path they might be destined to follow.

Can be purchased on Amazon US and Amazon UK



This inspiring book will take you on a wonderful journey, introducing you to the traditional and spiritual beliefs that surround angels today. It also covers her new and modern approach to angels, giving the reader tips and techniques on how to contact their very own personal angel, how to create an angelic altar and endless angelic prayers to assist you through your life.

Available now on Amazon US and Amazon UK

Fairy Soap. Spellbound's Seduction

Mother and daughter, Leanna and Beleta Greenaway have joined forces and have written their very first novel.

Fairy Soap, is a comical, sexy read that will have you laughing all the way through the pages.

Meet Leticia Zamforia (a powerful fairy sorceress) and her 18 year old daughter, Spellbound, as they embark on one of many adventures.

Sex is a free for all in fairyland, with none of the social stigmas associated with the human realm but Spellbound has inherited her Aunt Hester's Victorian genes and will only have rumpy pumpy with her true love. This leaves the handsome Elf, Drillian Macavity, who is second in charge to the famous tooth fairy company, Molars Inc. at a loss. The lengths he goes to in order to bed the sweet fairy are truly outrageous!

This book is for adults only. Not suitable for little eyes!

Leanna and Beleta have 50 signed copies of this book available to buy now at a discounted price. This offer is only open to UK residents with a fee of £4.10 postage for recorded delivery.

For those overseas , please email [email protected] for postal prices. 

Click Here for Signed Copies

Catalog of the Unexplained

By Beleta and Leanna Greenaway

Explore the mesmerizing depths of the esoteric and unexplainable with this outstanding A to Z reference guide. Catalog of the Unexplained provides fascinating entries on 450 topics, from angels and herbalism to tarot and vampires. Magical practitioners, holistic healers, ghost hunters, spiritual seekers, and trivia fans alike will marvel at the knowledge this book contains. Authors Leanna and Beleta Greenaway provide brief and in-depth entries on: Acupuncture Animal Totems Astral Projection Candles Color Therapy Curses Dreams Dowsing ESP Exorcism Fairies Feng Shui Fortune-Telling Hypnosis I Ching Kundalini Lucid Dreaming Numerology Palm Reading Psychic Development Reiki Spellcasting UFOs Voodoo Witchcraft Yoga

Little Book of Crystals

The Little Book of Crystals is an inspiring introduction to everything you need to know to enhance your life using crystals.

Whether you are hoping to harness the healing power of crystals for the first time, or have been collecting crystals from your local practitioner for some time, this portable guide is the perfect reference for your next browse. The Little Book of Crystals offers guidance on how to use crystals for healing, emotional purposes and in a myriad of practical situations, including to help children and animals. The usage of crystals for magic and spell-casting is also included, as well as practical information on how to buy, store and use crystals in a safe and effective way.

The Little Book of Meditation

The Little Book of Meditation is a simple introduction to the practice of meditation.

This fascinating and uplifting book shows how meditation benefits mental and physical health, aids the development of psychic ability and can even enhance a religious experience. Whether you want to learn about chakra healing, crystals, totem animals or colour meditation, the Little Book of Meditation is the perfect introductory guide, teaching you to avoid becoming overwhelmed by unwanted psychic experiences and outlining several simple meditations for the reader to try.