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Leanna Greenaway

Leanna's Angel Altar Cards

The perfect accompaniment to spellcasting

Only £9.99 for the set

Because I work primarily with the angelic vibration, I have had these beautiful Angel Altar cards painted for me by the well-known American artist, Marty Noble.

Placing a card on the altar whilst a spell is being performed, is a powerful way to invoke the Angel vibration, and by focusing your intent on a specific Angel, chosen purely for the task, will enhance the magic and give the ritual a real boost. 

I am selling these cards in packs of 10, having an Angel to cover most eventualities. 

Roza - The Angel of Joy

Use when you want to invoke happiness into your life and cast away any problems, replacing the negative with a positive.

Ariel - The Angel of the World

For when you want to spell to make the world a better place. Can be used when there are world disasters.

Elvenia - The Angel of Animals

If a pet is sick or for any spells you want to cast for the animal kingdom. Can also help to bring back lost pets.

Lilian - The Angel of Sorrow

For when your spirits are low and you need to cast spells for comfort and well being. Will also boost confidence and banish depression.

Michael - The Angel of Protection

Spell cast for any situation where you or someone else might need protection. Good to carry with you when you are out and about.

Paige - The Angel of Children

Use whenever you need to spell cast with a child in mind. 

For bullying, giving a child confidence, protection or fertility.

Raphael - The Angel of Healing

Place Raphael on the altar whenever you are casting healing spells or keep the card near to anyone who is sick.

Shianna - The Angel of Love

Use for love spells, or calming down fractious relationships.  This angel can entice new love into your life or help you move on after divorce.

Zara - The Angel of Money and Wealth

If your funds are a little low and you need

extra cash. Summon Zara, by placing this card

on your altar. 

Zuriel - The Angel of Magic

I place Zuriel on my Altar for every

spell I perform, in addition to any of

the other cards in this pack, that represent my issue.

He's all magical and covers all spells.